[Note: This Course is Fully Booked in 2019]

Meditation Basic Course

Come and join Meditation. Get clear all your doubts and confusions by understanding and experiencing the basic steps of meditation. You will able to discover and practice the best method suits to your unique personality.

About Meditation

Meditation is your personal experiment, performed in the laboratory of your own mind and body. Your practice will be inspired by teachers and guided by the practices, yet in the end, the form your practice takes is uniquely yours. Traditionally, the classical yoga texts, describe ways to attain true states of meditation. Following basic techniques helps you set up the discipline of regular sitting and teaches you how to get your body comfortable, find inner focus, and keep your mind from running rampant.
A successful meditation practice requires balancing polarities: focus and letting go, structure and freedom. You need to work with guidelines for posture, concentration, breath awareness, self-inquiry. But you also need to know when it is time to let go of the “rules” and follow the signals that are coming from your own consciousness. And this requires openness, creativity, and discernment.”

Key features

Find your posture of Meditation and get establish in it.
Understanding and experiencing the roots of common Meditation techniques
Discovering The Best Meditation method suits to your individual type
Find inner focus and activate Chakras
Practice for turning the mind inward
Overcome from Physical, mental and emotional distraction.
Find creative solutions of day to day problems
Judge progress in Meditation
The Benefits: The spiritual benefit of meditation is supreme bliss or enlightenment,
However, progress towards meditation and meditative techniques have several benefits at material level

Builds self-confidenceReduces Pre- menstrual Syndrome.
Leads to a deeper level of relaxation.Helps in post-operative healing.
Reduces anxiety, stress and tensions.Enhances the immune system.
Increases exercise tolerance in heart patients.Resolve fear, phobias and conflicts.
Regulate blood-pressure and body temperatureReduces activity of viruses and emotional
It increases serotonin production which influences mood and behaviour.
Helps in chronic diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, allergies, arthritis etc.

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