Rules &Regulation

Rules and Code of conducts

All programs requires that certain rules and codes are adhere to. This is also in tune with the Yamas (social conduct) & Niyamas (personal conduct) as clearly outlined in Yogasutras as an essential precursor to Yoga practices so that their benefits could be obtained.
-Every student is required to pay full fee before the start of the course.
-Full course attendance is required to be eligible for Certification.
-Punctuality is to be adhered to. Late walk ins to any module or any part of the course will not be allowed.
-Respect for the teacher and training is paramount in Yoga tradition. Disrespect misbehavior or unwarranted talk & argument is not allowed. The teacher’s decision would be final in this regard.
-No guests or friends are allowed within the premises during the course of the Training program, nor are they allowed to live with the student during the month of training.
-Smoking, consuming alcohol and non vegetarian food is strictly prohibited within the teaching and living premises.
-The student must not disturb the peace of the surroundings or his fellow students. In accordance with this, no kind of extra-ordinary activities may be carried out.
-For any kind of personal discomfort or issues, the teacher / manager may be contacted individually for redress.
-Observe an accommodating attitude towards everyone. Do not indulge in psychological harm, discrimination or a hurtful attitude.
-Self Restraint & moderation: Try to adopt a middle of the road approach in eating & living. The mantra – Eat right, eat light, be “internalized” and you will be okay – always holds good.
-Observe silence, especially during meals, and do not indulge in gossip or loose talk.
-Keep yourself and your surroundings clean.
-You are encouraged to have a daily bath and your daily ablutions before starting the day.
-Take charge of your room – keep it clean at all times in the spirit of Karma Yoga. Ask for cleaning materials if required and available.
-Adopt an attitude of surrender and non-possessiveness. You will be here for just few weeks and will be amazed to see how beneficialan attitude of ‘going with the flow’ can be for your personal growth.
Disregard or non adherence to any of the above rules may render disqualification of the student without further reason. In such cases, no fee or part thereof would be refunded.

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