Meditation Teacher Training School in Rishikesh, India

Shree Mahesh Heritage is the first Meditation School of Rishikesh, where you will learn and experience the best passive and active Meditation techniques rooted in the ancient Indian Vedic system of health, healing, well-being, and self-realization. Whether you come for a Meditation teacher training course, spiritual yoga meditation retreat or meditation for beginners program or for your personal spiritual development, practicing with us will make you understand the basics of your own mind, body and intellect, their obstacles and how to overcome them using different eastern and western meditation techniques. With full respect and mutual sharing, we will help you, providing favorable situations, customized yoga Meditation pre-practices, simple and natural self-healing techniques working on your physical, mental and emotional health with intellectual clarity. You will discover what you are deeply seeking, and will enjoy your learning and experience in a very comfortable, caring and joyful atmosphere naturally!

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Note:- For Open Meditation Session: 6 Days Meditation Sessions in a week | Meditation Session at School for Rishikesh Visitors, Timing 11:15 to 12:30 PM. For booking a seat, please do send us a mail at

Our Programs

300 Hour Meditation Teacher Training

Our 300-hour Meditation teacher training course is a long term four weeks intensive program that has been designed to give you the knowledge, skills, experience, and confidence to teach Meditation to a range of clientele in a group or individual. Your Meditation Teacher Training with us will help you to gain a deeper insight of Meditation knowledge in form of practice, philosophy, Anatomy- physiology, teaching methodology, and experience as embodied in the ancient Indian Vedic texts with the modern scientific approach.
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100 Hour Meditation Training

100 hours Meditation training certification course for the beginner level of meditation practitioners. The program covers Yoga meditation postures, Hands gestures, breathing techniques for balancing energy and chakra, Yoga meditation philosophy, sacred Beej mantra chants, teaching methodology skills. This program is designed to offer multi-style meditation techniques teaching and, in-depth knowledge sharing to the beginner and Intermediate meditation practitioners.
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Course Dates
Course Calendar
300 Hour Meditation Teaching Training
100 Hour Meditation Training
Fees in USD Private/Sharing
$1500 USD Single Room
$600 USD Single Room
Registration Fee
225 USD per person
90 USD per person
Program Dates

01 to 28 November 2019 (Running)
01 to 28 December 2019 (Few Seats left)
01 to 28 January 2020
01 to 28 February 2020

01 to 10 December 2019 (Few Seats left)
01 to 10 January 2020
01 to 10 February 2020
01 to 10 March 2020

Our Team
meditation teacher in rishikesh


(Course Coordinator & Sr.Teacher)

Ram completed his first professional Yoga Education at Kaivalyadhama, India in 1992 with a degree in Nature Cure Science. After completing his Master degree in Yoga and Meditation, he headed the Yoga wellness department at “Chandra College for Yoga and Naturopathy” in New Delhi,



(Visiting Teacher )

Tomar had the master degree in physical education and then completed PG diploma in yoga from Kaivalyadhama, Lonavala, India in 1993. He is sharing his experience of yoga in all its various forms with global students including India. His knowledge of Hatha, Ashtanga, Tantra, Kundalini Yoga and Vedanta has been deepened by the guidance of many Indian spiritual teachers.




Rajnee carries a Master degree in “Science of living, yoga, and meditation” and also hold a certificate in Ayurveda and Health conservation from Haridwar university. She has been working for more than ten years with ‘Krishandutt Yoga and Naturopathy’ centre, Delhi to plan diet for their in-house patient, now has been given the charge of kitchen at Shree Mahesh Heritage for meditation students.



(Vedic LIfestyle Teacher)

Pandit Ganesh Shastri belongs to Hindu Brahmin Family, known well for living under Vedic Lifestyle passed through their ancestors. Vedic LIfestyle Teacher He is a priest, a student of Sanskrit grammar and an astrologer, practicing all this for last more than 25 years.


Why us

Our location- Rishikesh, India, the World Capital of Yoga & Meditation, the Spiritual hub of Yoga Holidays, Vacation, Residential Yoga Meditation courses, Meditation teacher training, Meditation ashrams, many other traditional meditation places in the lap of Himalayas, and Veda Mantra chants facilitates a perfect Mecca for spiritual seekers for meditation practice in India.

  • We are just 200 Mtr. from Tapovan main market and 10 minutes Laxman Jhula, the famous bridge over the Ganga river
  • We are the first meditation school; in the service of “meditation teaching training program” uniquely since 2012
  • 300 hours Meditation program in four weeks duration, means, more hours for
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“Matt I’d like to say thanks for the course. I am so happy to have attended and learned so much about meditation and understand that I have so much more to learn and experience… I also have to mention that I have also learned some things about myself too. So thank you for being the teacher that you are.” — Kim R.

“Thank you for all your time. I am going to miss our workshops. You have been marvelous and I really appreciate your teaching style. Hope I get to be as good as you!” — Susi A.

“It is the best meditation center in India. The teachers are very good and best, the staff is very cooperative. Knowledge of ram about meditation is awesome. The building is very neat and clean. Fully ventilated. The food is very good and tasty. I recommend everyone for it” — Christina Nature

“I took this course in February 2019 and it was remarkable! The building is clean, every student has his own room and bathroom, and they are quite big and comfortable, and the course itself is just great. Ramji is the director and it was wonderful to learn so many things with him.” — Daniela Reis