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A Home for Stay, Study, Practice, and Teaching Meditation

10 nights 11 days program – Beginner Meditation Training in India
Shree Mahesh Heritage Meditation School, from the foothills of Himalaya, Tapovan Rishikesh, India introduces a short-term, 100 hours Meditation training certification course for beginner-level of meditation practitioners. The program covers Yoga meditation postures, Hand gestures, breathing techniques for balancing energy and chakra, Yoga meditation philosophy, sacred Beej mantra chants, teaching methodology skills.

• Better Concentration and Meditation
• Philosophy session on Meditation practices
• Practice of basic Hatha yoga asanas leading to comfortable meditation sitting postures
• Mind-body cleansing practices
• breathing & mantra chants techniques
• Meditation philosophy & its application in daily life
• Excursion & outdoor meditation
• 10 nights’ accommodation
• 3 daily vegetarian meals,

Group sizes
The maximum number of participants in the group is 15.

Dates and Fee & Policy – Arrival accepted a day before the program dates as below.

100 Hours Meditation Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India | 2021 – 22
Dates Events Course Fee NR-Adv Deposit Enrolment Update
01/05/2022 – 10/05/2022 100 Hour Meditation Teacher Training 600 USD 90 USD Apply Now Booking Open
01/06/2022 – 10/06/2022 100 Hour Meditation Teacher Training 600 USD 90 USD Apply Now Booking Open
01/07/2022 – 10/07/2022 100 Hour Meditation Teacher Training 600 USD 90 USD Apply Now Booking Open
01/08/2022 – 10/08/2022 100 Hour Meditation Teacher Training 600 USD 90 USD Apply Now Booking Open
01/09/2022 – 10/09/2022 100 Hour Meditation Teacher Training 600 USD 90 USD Apply Now Booking Open
01/10/2022 – 10/10/2022 100 Hour Meditation Teacher Training 600 USD 90 USD Apply Now Booking Open

* For sharing room, 2 people together price 1100 USD, NR deposit: USD 165

Registration & Cancellation Policy :
It is a 10 Days training program with a Zero-Refundable Policy against cancellation, no show or leaving the course program in-between, whatsoever the reason is. One Time transfer to another month course is permitted based on the minimum 30 days advance notice from the date of the course starts. Aspirants of 100-hour Meditation training need to register themselves paying a Non-Refundable advance deposit towards confirmation Per person $100. Your booking amount is Non-Refundable in any case.

Schedule of the Meditation Program Tapovan Rishikesh

Teachers for 100 Hours Meditation Training- Rishikesh, India

This program is designed to offer multi-style meditation techniques teaching and, in-depth knowledge sharing to the beginner and Intermediate meditation practitioners. You will have an opportunity to learn, experience, and be inspired by our Meditation Teachers, instructors, and trainees of 300 Hours Meditation teacher training participants.

Who can join our 100 hours Meditation Training Certification course?
If you are Yoga teachers, Therapist, life coach, guide actors, doctors, social worker, healer, teachers, or someone who wish to perform better in their profession with less struggle and strain. And also Those who wish to live a more meaningful life with positive energy, mental clarity, and carrying the attitude serving others

People who have passed through a challenging time in their lives and are ready to be a guide for others…
People who wish to transform themselves into a loving, caring, and compassionate person.

Who should not apply for this Meditation Training Program?
• People beyond the age group of 60 -85 years.
• People addicted to alcohol or drugs of any kind.
• People on a specific diet regimen.
• People suffering severe depressions, anxiety, chronic high or low blood pressure, arthritis, spondylosis, or anyone who is unable to walk, dance, or sitting for hours or handle activities for 8-10 hours or people on medication on these conditions.

What you will gain as certified Meditation Practitioners or Participants
• 100 hours meditation training certificate with Meditation school, Shree Mahesh Heritage, Rishikesh, India
• Skills of balancing and channelizing your own physical-mental-emotional energy and helping others in the same.
• Skills of teaching a variety of meditation techniques in a group or individual.
• Skills of designing a workshop on a particular Meditation technique combining with pranayama.
• A deeper understanding of your own mind-body system and practice tools to change your life positively.
• Knowledge and Experience a variety of meditation techniques and their application in daily life.
• Better self-confidence, inner peace, clarity, and creativity in personal life.
• A deeper understanding of the basic principles of different eastern and western meditation techniques.
• Understanding the core effects of various meditation techniques on physical-mental-emotional states and the ability to share the same with others.
• Opportunity to have experience with senior Meditation teachers

Please fill the application form or send us an email  at shreemaheshheritage@gmail.com