I want to adapt the principles of Meditation into my work with patients/clients. Which training courses do you recommend?

We firmly believe that having a well established personal daily meditation practice is the foundation for sharing this work with others. From that perspective, we recommend and certainly encourage participation in our meditation retreats or beginner meditation program. Many health practitioners found that our intensive Meditation retreats program provides a rich experience while also exploring meditation foundation in health care settings.

a) Do you have some special Meditation courses/program for advanced practitioners? b). I have practiced Vipassana meditation i.e. dhamma and already done 200 hours yoga teacher training course in Goa with one of Yoga alliance registered school but still feel, I do not know much. Can your course give me some additional experience, how?

Over the years we have trained many teachers who came to us with extensive meditation retreat experience and meditation teaching experience. We have found SMH meditation courses are essential for everyone to understand and practice the ancient Vedic approach to meditation. The only difference in your case may be that if you already have completed some meditation retreats/programs it will speed up your ongoing progress in meditation. Certainly, it is going to be some additional knowledge and experience as we have 300 hours for this four weeks Meditation Teacher Training program.

Where can an SMH-Certified Meditation Teacher Practice?

The Meditation practices taught at SMH are universal as well as secular in nature and may be practiced in any clinical setting, community, private practice, hospital, educational institution, or research foundation.

I'm a nurse. Can I attend the Meditation Retreat or do the Meditation Teacher Training Course? Will it helps in my current occupation?

This Retreat is open to anyone with health care, teaching, or physical fitness background (e.g. social workers, yoga instructors, physical therapists, physicians, personal trainers, nutritionists, dietitians).

How long is the Mediation teacher training retreat and what it covers?

Our 300-hour Meditation teacher training course is a four weeks intensive program that has been designed to give you the knowledge, skills, experience, and confidence to teach Meditation for a range of clientele. Your Meditation Teacher Training with us will help you to gain a deeper insight into Meditation knowledge in form of practice, philosophy, Anatomy- physiology, teaching methodology, and experience embodied in the ancient Indian Vedic texts.

I want to know the break up of 300 hours Meditation Teacher Training program?
Total course duration: 300 Hours (breakup is given below)
Contact Hours: 200 Non-contact Hours:100
Practicum Hours: 150,

 Theory: 50 Hours

50 Hours Assignments,

50 Hours of Self Study & Practice

Will I be able to obtain personal indemnity and public liability insurance having completed the Meditation Teacher Training Course?

Yes, we are registered under the government of India. Given fulfillment of course requirements, you will be awarded a certificate of Meditation teaching which many organizations require in order to hire you.

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