[Note: This Course is Fully Booked in 2019]

Laughter Yoga & Meditation


(Laughter Yoga)
A complete workout for Physical, Mental and Emotional Well-being

Modern society the world over is now realizing the importance of Laughter, one of the inherent characteristics of Human behavior, as therapy after seeing the sufferings of the multitudes, due to the side effects of chronic stress, tension and anxiety. Yoga when combines with Laugh, evolves a healing system which can give wonderful results both in case of diseases as well as, a preventive measure.

“Hasya (Laughter) Yoga is the practice of laughter as a form of exercise, free from the need of jokes or comedy, where YOGIC POSTURES and BREATHING are integrated with intentional laughter techniques that are simple, gentle and easier to practice in a group with lots of fun.”

The basic purpose of Hasya Yoga is to ensure greater efficiency in work and a better control over mind and emotions.

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