Daniela Reis
February 2019

Dear Ramji, Here it is my journey! My journey to meditation As a yoga teacher it took me a while to come to India, and one of the reasons is that I was always worried about how to find a real good teacher here? I Mean, there is definitely amazing teachers here, but I was just afraid to come and don’t really learn meaningful things from them… +

Robert Haley
February 2019

Hello Ram, My meditation journey this month I could describe as uplifting, expansive and inspiring. I have learnt a structured framework for delivering a meditation session and so feel my understanding of how to prepare someone to meditate has expanded greatly. I have clear focus on structural factors such as pranayama to focus on… +

Rebecca Aldrich
February 2019

My Journey to Meditation began when I was young, although I didn’t realize it at the time. I loved observing nature and experiencing quietness in the loud, chaotic world around me. I remember seeing a spider on a tree branch and gazing onto the creature, entranced by its stillness and seemingly aloof nature… +

Mandy Pool
February 2019

First of all I’m very grateful to be here to have this opportunity in my life to learn Meditation at Shree Mahesh. Although I got sick I did received the benefits and I have learnt a lot which was even beyond my expectations. Before I came here I had no idea what Meditation really was although I was doing some Mindfulness practises in my life which I didn’t even know it was Meditation itself… +