[Note: This Course is Fully Booked in 2019]

SMH wellness Package

SMH Wellness Exclusive Package

(Women Wellness, Beauty and Anti-ageing Program)
Rediscover ancient wisdom; unlock the secrets to youth, beauty and wellness through the sacred rituals of Yoga,
Ayurveda and Ancient beauty and healing therapies combined with the Yoga-Ayurveda ant-aging products.

Consultation & Spa Treatments No. of Minutes14 Nights21 Nights
Yoga Ayurveda Wellness Consultation301 session1 session
Customised  Yoga-Pranayama practice4510 Session15 Session
Jalneti & Pranayama4510 Session15 Session
Wild Rose Salt Glow Scrub602 session3 session
Yoga Hip & Thigh Massage552 session3 session
Ayurvedic Detoxification Treatments303 session5 Session
Dosha Specific Herbal Steam Bath202 session3 session
Ancient Ubtan Beauty Treatment1153 session5 session
Eye Lift Deep Cleansing facial253 session5 session
Chakra Balancing Treatment303 session5 session
Henna601 session1 session
Lifestyle Recommendation301 session1 session

Rediscover yourself through the ancient discipline of Yoga, which encompasses all aspects of life in order to balance the mind, body and spirit. SMH Yoga enhances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual qualities in a simple, effective and practical manner.

Consultation & Spa Treatments No. of Minutes5 Nights7 Nights14 Nights21 Nights
Personalized Yoga Wellness Consultation301 session1 session1 session1 session
Personalised Yoga Session603 Session5 session10 session15 Session
Pranayama & Meditation Session303 Session5 session 10 session15 Session
Jalneti & Pranayama451 session1 session2 session3 session
Chakra Healing therapy601 session1 session2 session2 session
Thai Massage therapy601session2 session3 session4 Session
Navel examination and setting therapy301 session2 session3 session4 session
Yoga Nidra session301 session1session3 session4 session
Participate in the breathtaking evening Aarti at the bank of river Ganga901 session1session1 session1 session
Yoga Life Style Recommendation301 session1 session1 session1session

The programme inculcates mental and physical fitness skills through techniques to increase the integration of mind, body and soul.
It is the secret to an enjoyable and safe fitness program that can be used for the rest of your life. Learn to enhance your capacity for exercise through understanding your mind-body constitution and being guided thereby to diet, time best suited to you for daily exercise, breathing exercises, body stretching and much more.

Consultation & Spa Treatments No. of Minutes7 Nights14 Nights21 Nights
Yoga Fitness Consultation301 session1 session1 session
Power Hatha Yoga workout302 session4 session6 Session
Fitness Aromatherapy Massage601 session 1session2 Session
Personalized Yoga Training Session605 session12 session19 session
Invigorating Scalp Massage301 session2 session3 session
Foot Reflexology Therapy751 session2session3 Session
Thai Yoga – Working on Essential Muscles551 session1 session2 session
Ayurveda Massage551session2 session2 session
SMH Salt Scrub451session1 session1 session
Track to Neer Gaon Water Fallhalf day1session1 session1session
Fitness Lifestyle Recommendation301 session1 session1session

The Stress Management Programme focuses primarily on assisting you to experience and implement various mind and body techniques based on the concepts and philosophies of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Naturopathy and Ayurveda, for creating positive changes, reducing and managing stress and enhancing synergy in your life through
a balanced approach.

Consultation & Spa Treatments No. of Minutes7 Nights14 Nights21 Nights
Yoga and Wellness Consultation301 session2 session3 sessions
Grounding Salt Scrub451 session2 session3 sessions
Grounding Aromatherapy Massage851 session2 session3 sessions
Thai Massage851 session2 session3 sessions
Reflexology551 session2 session3 sessions
Indigenious Indian Skin Care (facial)551 session1session2 Session
Stress Release Treatment –Stone Therapy751 session2 session3 sessions
Yoga Session601session2 session3 sessions
Pranayama & Meditation Session301session1 session3 sessions
Jalneti & Pranayama451session1 session1session
Indian Head Massage301 session2 session3 sessions
Sirodhara551 session1 session1sessions
Lifestyle Recommendation301 session1 session1session

This is a personalised programme that includes stimulating and purifying therapies, Yoga and Meditation and Dosha-specific diet plan to help reduce stress improve health and address common ailments or simply delay the aging process.

Consultation & Spa Treatments No. of Minutes7 Nights14 Nights21 Nights
Ayurveda Wellness Consultation451 session2 session3 sessions
Pranayama & Meditation Session301 session2 session3 sessions
Personalised  Yoga session901 session2 session3 sessions
Jala Neti & Pranayama451 session2 session3 sessions
Personalised Ayurvedic Therapies30-607 session14 session21 sessions
Reflexology552 session4 session6 Session
Yoga Nidra551 session2 session3 sessions
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Recommendation451session1session1 sessions

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