Meditation Techniques covered in 300 Hours Meditation Teacher Training course


Keeping in mind the #global_travelers and meditation seekers, the #syllabus covers the theory and practice of dhyana sessions – #Pranayama, basic yogasana, and guided meditation techniques such as #mindfulness_meditation, Chakra meditation, #Kundalini meditation, Buddha Anapansati yog, Trataka Meditation, #Relaxation Meditation, Nada yoga (inner sound) Meditation, #Chakra Breathing Meditation, Yoga Nidra Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Laughter Yoga Meditation, Visualization Meditation, Walking Meditation, Satsang Meditation, Silence Meditation, Kirtan Dhyana, Self Inquiry Meditation, #AUM meditation, Pulse meditation, Japa-ajapa Meditation,
And also encourage the practice of Sahaj yoga dhyana, #vipassana meditation, some #Osho meditation techniques.

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Meditation Teacher Training

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