(Meditation: Basic Course in India)

Meditation has become a valuable tool for finding a peaceful oasis of relaxation and stress relief in a demanding, fast-paced world. It can be used for healing, emotional cleansing and be balancing, deepening concentration, unlocking creativity, and finding inner guidance. Apart from reducing anger, anxiety, stresses of day to day life practicing meditation few minutes a day will enhance your energy, strength, vigor, willpower, concentration, and Self-confidence.

How to start Meditation ? Shree Mahesh Heritage, Meditation for Beginners course involves how to meditate with simple and easy to follow Indian meditation techniques without any strain or struggle.You will learn here how to align yourself to get stillness of body and mind.In this program, you will make you more aware of your Body, Mind, sharing emotions & their nature is shaping them your life happy and blissful.For advance Practice and learning of Meditation, India you can join Our 28 Days teacher training intensive course in Rishikesh, India at SMH is level 1 beginner program to come and discover to gain a deeper insight of meditation knowledge in form of practice, philosophy, teaching methodology, and experience.At the sacred land of Rishikesh in the foothills of Himalayas.You will experience yourself becoming more aware of your body, mind and emotions, their nature of functioning within with 20 different meditation learning and teaching skills.(i.e your unique mind-body constitution) and shaping them to make your life happy and healthy.

Location:: Shree Mahesh Heritage,C/0 – Rishikesh Resorts,Village Ghugtayni, Upper Tapovan, Opp Hotel Hariyali View,Rishikesh, Uttrakhand, India
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Meditation program includes:

– 07 nights accommodation at SMH, Rishikesh
– Meditation program
– Opening program dinner
– 3 pure vegetarian meals a day ie vegetarian Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner(3 Meals).
– Yoga/Ayurveda Herbal tea morning and evening
– Aarti at the bank of river Ganga
– Walk on the Ganga beach or local sight seen

The payment schedule

75 USD per person is required as a Registration donation non-refundable (however can be transferred to the next course during the year) at least six weeks before from the date of course begins and balance student shall pay at the centre on arrival day. Must visit /Arrival accepted 1 day prior to starting of course.
500 USD includes single occupancy- Double Room
1000 USD includes double occupancy- Double Room
– The Cost given above includes program activities, food, accommodation (private room with attached bath).
– Registration fee is non-refundable, so please be sure of your participation.
– The date of commencement of program is the day of arrival at the venue. The retreat starts the afternoon (4.00 pm) of the first date listed and ends with lunch on the last date.
– The entire program will be taught by senior faculty members of Shree Mahesh Heritage.
-Meditation for Beginners – Starts up on each Monday on 3 Weeks of each Month.
5 Seats only.



Dates of the program

01 to 08 January 2019 |US$500
01 to 08 February 2019
02 to 09 March 2019
01 to 08 April 2019
01 to 08 May 2019
01 to 08 June 2019
01 to 08 July 2019
01 to 08 August 2019
01 to 08 September 2019
01 to 08 October 2019
01 to 08 November 2019
01 to 08 December 2019
01 to 08 January 2020
01 to 08 February 2020
02 to 09 March 2020 | US$ 550
01 to 08 April 2020
01 to 08 May 2020
01 to 08 June 2020
01 to 08 July-2020
01 to 08 August 2020
01 to 08 September 2020
01 to 08 October 2020
01 to 08 November 2020
01 to 08 December 2020

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Meditation Basic Course Rishikesh India-The Schedule (sample day)

Monday to Saturday
6:15 am : morning tea
6.30 am : Practice Asana/pranayama/cleansing leading to meditation
8.30 am : breakfast
9.15 am : Lecture philosophy of meditation (optional)
11.00 am : chanting and meditation
12.30 pm : Lunch break & Rest or self-study
4:45 pm : tea break
5.00 pm : Meditation practice
6.00 pm : Kirtan, Satsang, Celebration
7.00 pm : early dinner
Sunday’s free

Meditation for Beginners Rishikesh India – The benefits

Through your studies and practice, you will gain:
• Introduction to ancient Indian Vedic concepts of Meditation, spiritualism
• Applications of Meditative body principles for wellness leading to Meditation
• Practice of asana & pranayama leading to Meditation
• Practice of psycho-cleansing technique
• Chanting Vedic Mantras, Bhajan, Kirtan, Satsang
• How to sequence Meditation techniques to be practiced at home
• Benefits of Meditation
• Bhagvat Gita: Living Life in Balance
• How to apply Meditation principles in your life “off the mat”
• Personal well-being plus more clarity, positivity, and peace in life
• Experience a variety of meditation types and their applications,
• confidence, creativity, willingness and an entrepreneurial spirit
• An understanding of the core principles of meditation popular in East and west.