Karma Yoga

‘Yoga’ is an integrated system that heals our body, mind & soul. Yoga is not only about practicing asana or different postures that figure out our bodies. But, it further means to know the ‘True Nature’ of itself, i.e. ‘who we truly are. Yoga also guides us to the spiritual paths of ‘action’, ‘devotion’, ‘knowledge’ & ‘meditation. In Veda’s, these ethical paths are illustrated into four paths of Yoga- ‘Karma Yoga’- ‘action’, ‘Bhakti Yoga’- ‘devotion’, ‘Jnana Yoga’- ‘knowledge’ & ‘Raja Yoga’- ‘meditation’.
Yoga’s four paths are generally described for the crucial developments of our body, mind & self (soul). In reality, we don’t tend to know what is favorable for us, which emotion can influence us, which action can transform our life or etc. The path of Yoga helps us to get the solution for all these queries.
We all have a tendency to have correspondences in our senses. Our feelings & energy regulate the body & mind in which we live in. Yoga teaches us how to live a life of happiness, joy & freedom.

Karma Yoga (Action)

Each one of us has a specific nature where one savors a certain type of work. Karma yoga refers to the spiritual practices of “selfless action performed for the advantage of others”. Karma yoga is a passage to attain moksha (spiritual liberation) through your action. It is about taking appropriate action without being dangled to fruits or being exploited by what the results might be, a commitment to one’s obligation, and trying one’s best while being detached to rewards or consequences such as success or failure. Karma yoga is prescribed for those who are involved in doing things according to their nature.
Karma indicates ‘action’, the action of our biological body & the action of our minds thought. Without thinking of the outcome, Karma Yoga is performed. It also provides the path of selfless service (Seva). According to Veda, it is said that in one’s body, mind & consciousness, there is an opposing reaction for an action. It implies that the reaction of action totally depends on our karma (action). If we do good actions then the reaction will also be good, & if we do any bad actions then the reaction will also be bad.
Karma Yoga says- ‘to do the right things’, as it has the power to strengthen our moral powers. It purifies our mind & helps in ignoring the inclination of bad karma. It also counsels us to pursue the statute of karma Yoga i.e. accepting whatever is coming instead of anticipating more.

Keys for Karma Yoga

● Privilege attitude- Work as a worshiper – have an attitude of offering, humility and selflessness.
● Privilege motive- It is not what you do, but it matters what your real motive is.
● Do your duty according to your special situation.
● Do your best: You should not back down from fear of necessary effort or fear of criticism.
● Leave the result: You are not the doer. You are the only means. Separating from the results means freedom.
● Serve God and yourself in everyone. Love your neighbor.
● Follow the discipline of the job. Every work experience has something to enlighten you.
● Qualification of Karma Yogi: Free from anger, ego, greed. Need to be generous, friendly, loving, sociable nature, humble, free from hatred, harshness, judgment.

Advantages of practising Karma Yoga

1. Assemble and comprehend new skills
2. Help individuality growth and fulfillment
3. Thin out the ego as well as remove selfishness
4. Endure likes and dislikes
5. Abolish prejudgments
6. Purify the heart, Feel the unity
7. Become more loving
8. Have a more creative mind and forgiving attitude
9. Extend your opinion on life
10. Spiritualize your actions

Power of Karma Yoga

Karma yoga, seva, or voluntarily changes life without giving reservation and with pure bliss, whether it is money, free, intelligent words, or free community yoga classes, is the most powerful way to feel grace in your life. Voluntarily is the right way to relate your soul, temperament, and your essence. Karma Yoga cultivates pure thoughts: By serving others you are serving God. And, therefore, you are living your mission. You can see that you are already enough and your effort is divine, your work is blessed.
If external circumstances have created a temporary rift between you and your self (soul), then there is no better way to bridge it through surrender, and you will see the illusion of divergence for what it is – just an illusion. It is important to get the right support and have a spiritual mindset during any selfless work. If you see the symbol of the perfect Karma Yogi, it will be the Sun. It shines, whether you see it or not. It feeds your life, whether you accept it or not. It makes your life bright and happy at no charge! Its grandeur is free!

How can you perform Karma Yoga in your life?

There are several aspects to adopting Karma Yoga in your life. Whether it is supporting a neighbor or visiting abroad to engage in global service, the opportunities are endless. Whatever you want to do, it is important to practice Karma Yoga to make Seva a regular part of your life. We recommend making a weekly commitment to engage with a local charity, giving their time and talent to support the work that they do. Another possibility is to make global service an annual tradition. Or both!
When it comes to karma yoga, it is important that service comes from a selfless place. It is about giving those people to the needy, sharing love, and spreading light. Some ways to encourage this mindset are to practice keeping mental spells. Something that reminds you of the purpose of your service and keeps you out of your ego.
Another useful practice is to know the people you are serving. Instead of thinking about service in the abstract, get on the ground, and communicate with the people you serve. Allow yourself to be humble with your knowledge and experience. Make meaningful connections and allow yourself to be touched by your life and stories. In this manner, karma yoga can evolve more than just a practice. It can become a way of life.