Danniel Oliveira asked 10 months ago

Hello, hope you are doing well.
My name is Danniel from Brazil, I’ve been to India before and now, I want to go back with a group of Brazilians (between 8 – 12 people).
We are going to be volunteering for couple weeks and then I’m trying to find a place to bring this group for a short experience doing meditation.
I would like to know, if you have this option where people would be meditating for 1 week?
How much does it cost?
And how would that work?

Looking forward to hear from you.

Have a great day.

1 Answers
Meditation India Staff answered 10 months ago

Dear Danniel,
Greetings from Shree Mahesh Heritage !!
Thank you for Inquiry about our Meditation class.We offer 1 Drop-in class for Rishikesh Visitor.If you wish to join a week Meditation for Beginner course -then It will cost you $500 Per Person.Which Includes 3 meals,7 Nights.
You can email once you are in Rishikesh to join our drop in Class which we offer in Weekdays.