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Jennifer Gilligan asked 2 years ago

Hi, i am interested in your life healing program. I am finishing my yoga teacher training in Dharamshala in 5 days and was wondering if you have any programs starting and finishing before the end of April? I suffer from anxiety and mild depression, and my energy changes very quickly, eg- after meditation I am blocked in my right side, after Asanas i am blocked on my left side. I am either all emotion, or all feeling and find Pranayama and the managment of energy flow very interesting and I am looking for a Meditation program to help me find some further balance and control before I start to teach.
Please let me know if you have anything available in my date range 4th to 30th April- or if you can recommend anywhere else in Rishikesh for any length of time that could be specifically beneficial for me.
Many Thanks

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Meditation India Staff answered 2 years ago

Dear Jennifer,
Greetings from Shree Mahesh Heritage !
Please email us to know more details about Life Healing.In Particular, you can join our meditation program.Course Dates are 01st t o28th April.Since, I do not have your email to send you information via email.
Hari Om