Peter Bartesch asked 5 months ago

Hello, I am interested in either your short term or long term meditation teacher training. I am curious as to when the dates are for the beginning and ending of these trainings? I hope to arrive in Rishikesh in April but May can work as well. Also curious of pricing? Please email me back at [email protected]   Thank you kindly, Namaste, Peter Bartesch

Meditation India Staff replied 5 months ago

Dear Peter,
Thank you very much for sharing your questions. You are most welcome for April or May-2018. The course fee for 300 Hours 28 Days program is $1500.
And sort term 10 Days Course under the same 300 hour part course is $900.
You are requested to check this two links for more details –
We run the course from 01st of Each Month-2018.